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    👑🦁👑 It's about other people “It’s not about you. In the economy, it’s about other people.” – Rick Warren We get so wrapped up in our business and our problems and how WE can win, we can forget to get on the other side of the table. How can your customers win? How can you be the one who provides that to them?

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    I've been going through these videos and loving what I am seeing. I did notice however in the Thrive Content Builder Tutorials, there were several videos that played the wrong content. I wrote them down so that it could be looked at and corrected. - Adding Columns to your Content - Adding and Manipulating Images - Adding Custom HTML to your Content - Inserting Custom CSS to your Content - Adding an Opt in Form - Using the Table of Contents Element

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    Anyone who is looking to brand themselves on their capture page please contact @viralpro. Chris will be featured in the training. Stay tune for this addition.

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    It's ok to fire your boss. Even if that boss is YOU. Get a grip, get clarity, get focused, get moving!

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    Good Morning Everyone! I hope you have an awesome weekend! Gotta love the tools that have been provided to us with EGN!

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    Imagine, Create, Repeat!!!!! [bpfb_images] 65_0-50952200-1470235860_egn-lcp-8.jpg [/bpfb_images]

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